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Application Deadline 3/25/23 at 11:59 PM

Commitments and guidelines with becoming an Ambassador:

How to Apply?

Round 1: Complete an online application by 3/25/23

Round 2:  Submit a 1-2 minute video (subject matter TDB).

Final Round: Pitch Competition May 2023

Plus size models male & female are encouraged to apply!

Email questions to:[email protected]

The Perks of Being ITR’s Brand Ambassador

Our ambassador program aims to align our brands with people who love them to spread the word organically. So the ideal brand ambassador has two essential characteristics — you share and you care.

A big part of being an Ambassador is about helping with a team effort of raising our profile, but there’s also some individual benefits that we can offer –

Networking and event opportunities

Promoting your organization

Ambassadors will be able to raise their profile through:

Our brand ambassadors get a variety of rewards, many of which fall into 10 major categories. However, the reality is that there are a limitless number of incentives.

More Incentives for ITR’s Brand Ambassador

Product Discounts

For someone who loves a product, discounts are perfect. We give many discounts on purchases, the amount of reduction varies.

Product Discount Possibilities

Free Stuff

Now we’re talking. 

Possibilities for Free Stuff

Gift Cards

Our ambassador programs have milestone activities that reward gift cards at certain levels. Even better than discount products is free money that you get to spend on a product you have been wanting.

Remember to post about the product you get with your gift card.

Gift Card Possibilities

Win Prizes

ITR sponsors contests, raffles, or giveaways. You get opportunities to win perks and prizes. This one is fun for everyone! 

Possibilities for Winning Prizes


Special Offers

Possibilities for Special Offers

Chance to Be Featured

Keeping a partnership mentality in mind, being recognized by ITS the Room is an outstanding benefit. It’s exhilarating for people trying to increase their followers to have their stories and posts highlighted.

Possibilities for Featuring Ambassadors


Sponsorship Possibilities

New and Exclusive Products

Our ambassadors can have an exclusive first look at new products. They may also get the opportunity to test and use new items before they release them to the general public.

Early access is exciting, and you’ll love being an “insider.” You can get something unique and rare, only available to VIPs.

New and Exclusive Product Possibilities

Live Events Possibilities

Ambassadors can get invited to company parties and special functions. Some people get free or discounted tickets to local concerts, games and shows.

Possibilities for In-person Events

Virtual Events

Virtual Event Possibilities

Still interested? Click the link below

Ambassador Application