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Helping Hands For Tranquility


The reason for the need

Helping hands for tranquility was created because I'm a Registered Nurse who has been working on the frontlines during our battle with Covid-19.  Because of it,  life has we know it has changed. Now we are having to wear masks all the time.  I noticed how refreshing it is to take that first breath of fresh air once I leave the hospital after working 12 - 13 long hours with a mask on.  I wanted to share that feeling through my products, in hopes that they will bring some type of tranquility to the user. Please indulge with me!

My goal

It seems as though we forget to take care of our mental well being. For me, sometimes that means that I can unwind with a good book, or draw a nice bath and light a candle. Candles bring peace to alot of people. I started out wanting to create relaxing, warm candles and also creating some luscious body butters as well.  To be quite honest, who wouldn't want to indulge in a nice warm shower or bath, with a great smelling candle in the air. Then afterwards,  lathering on a great smelling body butter?  Sign me up!

Indulge in tranquility

As an RN, I've already made an oath of helping to take care of people. With my products, my goal is to provide that extra boost of tranquility.  Feel free to indulge with me! 

Thanks for your support!

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