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For cycle dates and vendor pricing, please read the information below.

Vendor Inquiries

Vendor Qualifications and Our Promise

We want creative people to create. Our mission is to expose and expand black brands by empowering Black entrepreneurs and  provide customers with unique and stylish options that celebrate diversity and inclusivity. ITS The Room manifests Black culture and its wealth of history, vowing respect while helping to build a unified community. 

We help inspired professionals give life to their ideas by establishing and growing successful businesses and products. To foster this creative economy, we strive to include in our store items that are handmade, unique, produced or sold by local entrepreneurs. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you commit to only sell products and offerings that fall under this criteria. Anything not in compliance with these efforts, delightful as it may be, will not be accepted to the show.

If we have questions regarding the nature of your products, we will email you to clarify before disqualifying you. Our store is juried to ensure our vendors are the cream of the crop. We sure hope that’s you!

ITS the Room operates in 3, 4-month cycles and accepts new vendors each cycle.

Current vendors will confirm their participation in the next cycle and will be re-issued their contract for the upcoming cycle.

Please see vendor pricing and packages below.


Cycle Dates

Fall Cycle: 9/22/23 - 1/21/24 
Winter/Spring Cycle: 1/22/24 - 5/21/24  
Summer Cycle: 5/22/24 - 9/21/24
 ALL applications must be submitted prior to the cycle you would like to be a part of!

Packages for New Vendors

Online Only

$250.00 for 17-18 weeks for Your Logo on website only.

In-Store & Online

$500.00 for 17-18 weeks merchandise showcased in store & on website & other marketing

Profit / Split

Vendors have an 80/20 commission split.

Authors and artists are offered a 60/40

commission split with a $0 vendor fee.

Packages for Returning Vendors

The store has 3 cycles: Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer.

We are offering the following discounts on cycle fees to returning vendors if you commit to cycles ahead of time:

The "Sage" Package

 10% off of the next cycle when you commit to one additional cycle.

The "Grand Rising" Package

15% off of each cycle when you commit to the next 2 cycles.

The "Legacy" Package

5% off each cycle when you commit to all three cycles (Biggest Saving: $125 off of each cycle. A yearly saving of $375.)

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